Alumni Network

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An International Network

Alpha Kappa Psi is made up of 219 student chapters and 39 alumni chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Between these chapters there are over 240,000 initiated brothers worldwide. Our global network provides opportunities in a variety of fields, companies, and industries.  Below are some of the companies Alpha Eta alumni have worked for and started. 


Alpha Eta Alumni

Through the Alpha Eta chapter there are many opportunities to interact with this expansive and prestigious network. We have a very close connection with the Twin Cities Alumni Chapter. One such example of this is through the Tom Burnett Jr. Charity Golf Tournament which is an annual event put on by the students of Alpha Kappa Psi that raises scholarship money in honor of our fallen brother. The Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship Fund awards these scholarships to people within the University of Minnesota who have strong academic records and leadership experience. Since 1988, the Scholarship fund has awarded $1,233,292 in scholarships to 204 recipients.

If you have any further questions regarding the Alpha Eta chapter and our involvement with our alumni network, please contact Christian Wedin at



Prominent Alumni

AKPsi develops successful leaders who give back to our organization and the community. 

Tom Burnett, Jr.

9/11 Hero on Flight 93


Dr. Walter Heller (Alpha Eta)
Economic Advisor to
Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.


Seth C. Beise (Alpha Eta)
President, Bank of America


Harry A. Bullis (Alpha Eta) 

Chairman, General Mills


Ronald Reagan (Alpha Zeta)
40th President of United States


Richard Nixon (Beta Omicron)
37th President of United States


Benazir Bhutto
Prime Minister of Pakistan


Warren E. Hearnes
Governor of Missouri


Malcolm "Steve" Forbes, Jr.
U.S. Presidential Candidate
Publisher and Chairman, Forbes, Inc.


Lamar Alexander
Tennessee Governor
U.S. Secretary of Education


Luther H. Hodges (Alpha Tau)
U.S. Secretary of Commerce


William M. Martin Jr. (Beta Mu)
Federal Reserve Board Chairman


George Romney (Phi)
U.S. Secretary of Housing
and Urban Development


Daniel C. Roper (Beta Eta)
U.S. Secretary of Commerce


C. R. Smith (Iota)
U.S. Secretary of Commerce


Robert S. McNamara (Phi)
U.S. Secretary of Defense


Clarence W. Meadows
Governor of West Virginia


W. Haydon Burns
Governor of Florida


Bill Bradley
U.S. Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from New Jersey
NBA All-Star


Frank D. Stella
Former Chairman of the
Michigan Republican Party


Sam Walton
Founder, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club


Bernard Faubert
Chief Executive Officer, K-Mart


Lee Iacocca
Chairman, Chrysler Corporation

Arthur Anderson (Gamma)
Arthur Anderson Consulting


J.E. Davis
Winn-Dixie Supermarkets


Richard Allen
Chief Executive Officer, Delta Airlines


Robert F. Six (Beta)
President, Continental Airlines


C.R. Smith (Iota)
President, American Airlines


John W. Taylor (Epsilon Chi)
Senior Vice President, McGraw-Hill Book Co.


Bert L. Thomas (Alpha Theta)
President, Winn-Dixie Stores Inc.

Lynn A. Townsend (Eta Nu)

Chairman and CEO, Chrysler Corp.


E. Gifford Upjohn (Gamma Tau)
President, Upjohn Co.


Dwane L. Wallace (Gamma Upsilon)

President, Cessna Aircraft Co.


Randolph C. Wood (Delta Kappa)
Vice President, Paramount Pictures


Leslie B. Worthington (Epsilon)
President, U.S. Steel


Murray M. Baker (Gamma Theta)
President, Caterpillar Tractor Co.


Roger M. Blough (Epsilon Rho)
Chairman of the Board of Directors, U.S. Steel


Harold Boeschenstein (Epsilon)
President, Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corp.


Harlow H. Curtice (Phi)
President, General Motors Corp.


J. Willard Marriott (Beta Mu)
Founder and President, Marriott Hotels


David S. Lewis (Alpha Lambda)
President, McDonnell Aircraft Corp.


Walter F. Burke (Delta Sigma)
President, McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics


Edwin M. Clark (Upsilon)
President, Southwestern Bell Telephone


Artemus D. Davis (Alpha Kappa)
President, Winn-Dixie Stores


Frederic G. Donner (Phi)
President and Chairman, General Motors Corp.


Leonard K. Firestone (Alpha Zeta)
President, Firestone Rubber Co.


Wilfred D. Gillen (Epsilon Rho)
President, Bell Telephone


Edwin Hays Gott (Alpha Sigma)
President, U.S. Steel


Samuel F. Hinkle (Gamma Epsilon)
President and Chairman, Hershey Foods


Dudley Dowell (Gamma Epsilon)
President, New York Life Insurance Co.


Donald Douglas Jr. (Alpha Upsilon)
President, Douglas Aircraft Corporation


William M. Allen (Rho)
President, Boeing Airplane Company


Joyce C. Hall (Psi)
Founder, Hallmark Cards, Inc.


Gordon M. Metcalf (Gamma)
Chairman and CEO, Sears Roebuck and Co.


Arjay R. Miller (Phi)
President and Vice Chairman, 
Ford Motor Company


James C. Penny (Upsilon)
Founder, President, and Chairman, 
J.C. Penny Co.


James A. Ryder (Beta Pi)
President, Ryder Truck Systems


William E. Schiller (Phi)
Chairman, Hershey Chocolate Corp.


Edward A. Schrader (Beta Gamma)
Partner, Goldman, Sachs & Co.


Harrison Jones (Pi)
Chairman, Coca-Cola Co.


Norman R. Klug (Alpha Psi)
President, Miller Brewing Co.