Member Testimonials

Rush AKPsi if you are interested in business and want to be surrounded by a group of people who will not only motivate you, but push you to be the best scholar and person you can. Rush if you want a second home on campus
— Emily Thompson (Spring '16)
College can be intimidating and like nothing you have ever experienced before. Being apart of AKPsi allows you to prosper in college, while taking on challenges and creating lasting friendships.
— Arnav Suryawanshi (Fall '17)
As someone who isn’t in Carlson, AKPsi has allowed me to branch out of my comfort zone and meet different kinds of people. It has helped me become a more holistic person!
— Kelsey Brantley (Spring '18)
I now have a family on campus that can help me with anything from homework, to life advice, to finding pals to go to concerts with. AKPsi has shaped and made me into the person I am and I love it!
— Rachel Salem (Fall '15)
I rushed AKPsi to be apart of something that is bigger than myself. With the abundance of knowledge and close friendships, I’ve found a home away from home. Being apart of AKPsi has let me experience something more than just Carlson or the U of M!
— Griffin Johnston (Fall '16)
I have learned so much more about business and have been able to foster incredible friendships. The amazing people of AKPsi have helped me to keep pushing myself and find the best in me.
— Sage Brinton (Fall '17)